A service for passive income that makes your money work on you. Get rewards by storing tokens in liquidity pool.
Farming STEMX
Liquidity pool is the volume of assets that serves to ensure the stable token exchange rate. It also guarantees a quick sale or purchase of token in significant volume. Liquidity regulation occurs through an automatic market maker (AMM). All participants can deposit their tokens into the liquidity pool, and get rewards for using their assets.
STEMX Traded on:
| Available directions
Send tokens STEMX to liquidity pool and receive income in the form of a fixed percentage from your deposit.
Accruals to your balance will occur every day.
Volume up to 23 000 000
Annual yield from 45.15 to 59.67%
Volume of liquidity pool: 20 409 539 STEMX
Send BUSD to liquidity pool and receive income in the form of a fixed percentage from your deposit.
Accruals to your balance will occur every day.
Volume up to 500 000
Annual yield from 24.62% to 30.85%
Volume of liquidity pool: 185 469 BUSD
| How it works
Buy coins
Deposit coins in STEMX.FI
Get income
Tokens STEMX can be bought on the exchange pancakeswap or whitebit. Coins BUSD can be bought at any crypto exchange or other exchanges.
Sign up and make a deposit in your personal account.
Keep your coins on deposit and get a daily profit from your assets.
How often will I receive rewards for farming?
Rewards for farming are credited daily to your personal account. We distribute rewards among all the participants of the farming and make accruals depending on the amount of tokens on your deposit.
Is there a minimum/maximum amount of tokens you need to participate in farming?
To avoid excessive load on our system, we have set a minimum deposit opening amount equivalent to $5 in coins. The maximum deposit size is limited by the total amount of the liquidity pool. Its volume is indicated for each of the directions of farming.
Who makes decisions on managing my tokens?
Pool management and liquidity regulation are done through an automatic market maker (AMM) of STEM project that contains a certain set of rules and mechanics aiming to maintain the stability of STEMX token trading. 
Can I trade tokens or withdraw them if they are on farming?  
After opening a deposit on the STEMX.FI website, the coins will be blocked for the period specified in the deposit. During the blocking, you will not be able to perform any operations with coins. It is required for the stable work of the liquidity pool.
How can I calculate the potential profit?
STEMX.FI indicates the estimated percentage of annual rewards next to each asset in the list. This percentage can change, as the rate is affected by several different factors, such as the volume of the pool, the demand for coins in the pool, trading volumes on the exchange.
I have other questions, who can help me?
You can contact our support team via:
email: [email protected]
telegram: https://t.me/stem_admin

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